3 reasons to choose Storm Electrical as your Brisbane Electrical Contractors

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We know there are lots of electricians to choose from in the Brisbane area; so why choose Storm Electrical as your Brisbane Electrical Contractors?  These are the reasons our customers say they choose us…and why they continue to choose us AND refer us to others.  If you want to hear from our customers themselves, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

REASON 1: Our Team


* local, family owned and operated business
   established in 2007
* 50+ years of experience working on residential,
   commercial and industrial electrical service projects
   around the world
* qualified Master Electricians
* accredited Green Energy Electricians
* accredited Clipsal C-Bus Smart Wiring installers
* accredited Clipsal Data Network installers
* track record of delivering all projects on time and on budget!


REASON 2: Our Approach


* 1 hour guaranteed response to ALL phone
* reputation of being friendly, on-time and clean
* genuine concern for solutions that help customers
   and our environment
* dedication to ongoing training and education so we
   can provide the best solutions
* commitment to delivering the best quality
   workmanship, the highest efficiency solutions and
   the most cost effective energy savings.


REASON 3: Your Savings


* top workmanship at affordable prices mean you get the best value
* smart technology, energy efficient solutions and green technology
   help you reduce electricity use and cut your energy bills
* sustainable solutions help you counter the long term, ever increasing costs of electricity
* adherence to increasingly stringent environmental regulations and building code / energy efficiency requirements
   help you eliminate penalty costs
* a reputation for coming in UNDER time and budget mean you save time and money!


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